Welcome Lake Residents

Looking for some history of the lakes?  Check out these old documents:


Hydrology of Jefferson Lake April18 1969.pdf


A Brief History with Remembrances 1994.pdf


If anyone knows who wrote these, let us know.  We would like to give them credit.


Sportsmen Club


People often confuse the Greater Jefferson German Lakes Association with the German Jefferson Sportsmen Club. 


The two are entirely different entities.  The Sportsmen Club promotes hunting and fishing in the Cleveland area.  They sponsor the winter fishing contest on the lakes.  This February contest is their major fundraiser.  Lake residents usually receive a solicitaion for tickets in the mail.  In the past the club developed the public accesses on the chain of lakes and the public fishing area on West Jefferson.  They have also purchased land for the rearing pond on West Jefferson and other land for hunting.  The club's main project at this time is the aeration of Scotch Lake.


The Lake Association only deals with issues on the Jefferson German chain of lakes.  The Lake Assn runs the GJGLA Jig-A-Bass summer bass fishing contest.  See our Mission Statement on the Home page.


Below is a history of the early years of the Sportsment Club.


German Jefferson Sportsmen Club History 1949-84.pdf



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