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2019 Lake Spraying - Information and Contacts

To: West Jefferson and German Lake Property owners.

Subject: 2019 Lake Spraying and GJGLA Membership.

The GJGLA spraying program for 2019 on your lakes is starting now. Spraying application this year would be two-fold: controlling Pondweed and Eurasian Milfoil. If you are interested, as many West Jefferson owners showed last season, a commitment to participate is all that is required today. To participate, send an email to gjglaspraying@gmail.com. Upon doing so, we will contact you with the specifics.

German Lake Property owners: Our goal is to add your lake on this year. If you have an interested, please email the above email address. We are looking for a German Lake Coordinator to assist Lee. If you have an interest, please let Lee know.

2018 Curly Leaf Spraying Update - June 2018

For more information about our Lake Spraying, send an email to gjglaspraying@gmail.com

2018 Curly Leaf Pondweed Recap

Okay, it’s time to hear back from you with your constructive criticism.

Today I’d like to hear back from you regarding your thoughts on how well the spraying program went this year. Your response will help with determining on how we can improve the program for future years.

Spraying any body of water has certain constraints. The weather is the key factor accompanied by the wind, water temperature and of course, Mother Nature. Her arrival this year was later than normal. (There isn’t a perfect scenario).

What I can share with you is, my immediate neighbors on Middle Jefferson are please with the results. But on the other hand, I heard through the grapevine a person said it didn’t work for them in one of our bays and won’t spend the money next year. But, another reported on the North East side. The weeds were down and the lake clarity was better than last year. Here again, the wind direction has a lot to do with the movement of surface debris.

Big Jefferson mentioned that their area sprayed wasn’t exactly correct. I must say, that lake addresses are the key along with the DNR GPS coordinates. If either one is in error, there will be a problem. However, these types of errors are easily corrected by working together. Working together is how we resolve issues. So, I ask that we address your concerns with giving accurate information and then reviewing how we can correct the problem.

If anyone feels their area was incorrectly sprayed, let me know. I will work with you to make sure adjustments are made to correct the problem. Please remember, we are humans and errors are inevitable. So, I ask that working together resolves these types of situation.

FYI - The recreational spraying around the docks has NOT been done as of this writing.

Again, weather permitting. It needs to stop raining.

Lee Plonske and I are still looking for Lake Coordinators. Currently we have two on West Jefferson, Middle Jefferson has three to date and we could use one more. Big Jefferson, we have one? There are no Lake Coordinators for German Lake at this time.

If anyone is interested in supporting their lake, let us know.

I await your response.

Please use our email address: gjglaspraying@gmail.com

Ralph Redding; VP - The Greater Jefferson German Lakes Assoc.

Lee Plonske, Lakes Coordinator.

Controlling Curly Leaf Pondweed - Jefferson Chain 2018

The owner of Lake Improvement Consulting, Paul Kaari invited me along on a trek through the Jefferson chain to see how the process worked and to assist him with this unfamiliar chain of lakes. (Which I didn’t realize would be a 12 hour trek).

The goal was to spray West, Middle and East Jefferson locations. First we followed the GPS coordinates set by the DNR and place markers along the way. The markers were place on the outer edge, 150 feet from shore. Once we had the markers in place, we turned around and started the chemical mix which had to be done within the area we were about to treat.

On West Jefferson we started at the farthest location and worked our way back to the boat landing. During this time we noticed that the GPS coordinates markers were not exactly accurate. Some were 300 feet instead of 150 feet from shore. Therefore, we made some adjustments leaving the markers out where the GPS coordinates originated.

East Jefferson happened to have only one area requiring our attention. It was a wider spray area that turned out to be easier than those on West Jefferson.

Upon entering Middle Jefferson, Paul realized he had a real challenge on his hands. As an owner on Middle Jefferson I can attest that it’s impossible to move about until the Curly Leaf Pondweed dies off. Our journey on Middle Jeff started on the North East side and worked our way back to the channel. This wasn’t an easy task as the motor continued to be clogged with weeds and from time to time the motor would shut down as it overheated.

This happened (clogging and overheating) during the next several hours as we worked our way around the perimeter and then finally down the middle from West Jefferson culvert to the channel opening on East Jefferson.

“We started at 7:30 in the morning and docked at 7:30 that night”

The owner, Paul and his assistant Luke were very understanding and worked right through the 82 degree heat. Thanks guys for your diligence on getting this done in one day.

Lake Improvement Consulting is fabricating and new design for spraying which will be available next year. Currently they use a hose and nozzle spraying method. I have to tell you that nozzle shot out a stream that covered 50 feet without hesitation. The only time it slowed down was when it neared the bottom of the tank. But, Paul would stop and refill the tank, keeping it on track to the very end.

Lake Improvement Consulting will return next week to do the recreational spraying around your docks. Interested parties can give them a call at 952-944-2565.

By the time you read this, the Curly leaf Pondweed will be gone, as it takes just a few days for the chemical to take affect. If anyone has questions and/or is interested in next year’s application, I’d ask that you email; gjglaspraying@gmail.com (maps attached)

Please consider joining our Association if you are not a member. The more support the more accomplishments you’ll see around our chain of Lakes.

Ralph Redding; Vice President - rjreddingjr@msn.com - 952-200-1957

On behalf of the Greater Jefferson German Lakes Association

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