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2017 Spraying Aquatic Species Program

The 2017 Invasive weed program is under way. And, again this year we shall apply for

the permit to spray the invasive aquatic species, curly leaf. Later this month we should

have information regarding the process from the DNR. At that time we will forward the

information to all interested parties. In 2016, there were approximately 150 residences

that participated amongst the 4 lakes.

Last year, 2016, we applied for grant assistance only to find out that the funding was

reduced, so the participants paid the complete cost. This year, 2017, we will again be

requesting grant money to help lower the costs by each area planning to participate.

If you are interested in the improvement of our lakes and want more information, or to

participate in the program, please email your interest to: Lee Plonske at

siouxtrailgardens@hotmail.com , call 507-995- 5281 or mail to: Lee Plonske, 26400

Sioux Trail, Madison Lake, MN 56063.

Your email addresses will assist us going forward, and, they will be held only for

forwarding information regarding lake spraying or other ongoing news about lake


The more involvement in controlling invasive species we have, the more we can tailor

the program for all interested parties.

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